April General Assembly Meeting Minutes

Dear parents,

Thanks for those who attended our meeting last week even though it was much more tempting to have an evening stroll under this beautiful spring sunset.

Please find below the meeting minutes of the General Assembly help on April 24th

Forewords from the chairman

Hello everyone, nice to see you again. We are approaching to the end of the school
year. For some of us we are entering into a time of change, and this can be exciting
or a little scary. While for others we may be hoping for a change. Whatever the
circumstance may be, change often comes with uncertainties and anxieties. But
guess what, we are all in the same boat. The boat where our responsiblities are
seemingly greater than we have ever felt. With parenting, career, and extended
families, A lot of the times I feel lost and thankfully, I do enjoy the challenge most of
the time and manage to believe that I will become stronger for my family. That’s
more or less my story. If you would like to share your story, please share with us in
the chat groups. We can chat about univesrity application process, the challenges of
generation gap, the challenges of cultural gap, food, or pickup games. Lets stay

Updates shared by Michelle


Highlights on school’s teams’ performance:

  • Debate Team – won the Provincial Championships in Senior Debate and are invited to compete at the National Level
  • History Club – Attended a History Trivia Competition, Junior Team Placed 2nd Overall and invited to Nationals
  • UBC Physics Olympics Team – won the pre-build event with their innovative vacuum pump and placed 4th overall
  • Concert Choir – awarded Gold at the Kiwanis Choral Festival
  • Orchestra – awarded Gold at the festival in Seattle and also won the Spirit award
  • E-Sports Team – both the UHill League of Legends and the Super Smash teams will be competing in the Provincial eSports finals on Saturday, April 29th in Richmond – in person event with a live stream!

VSB Summer school:

Registration starts on May 1st at noon, there are 4 sites for summer classes:

Churchill Secondary – 7055 Heather StreetGladstone Secondary – 4105 Gladstone Street
John Oliver Secondary – 530 41st Avenue EastPrince of Wales Secondary – 2250 Eddington Drive


Mid-Term report:

Will be available on MyEd website from April 28th. If parents or students notice absence days that are inaccurate, they should notify to the corresponding teacher to adjust.

PAC Presentation slides


We will meet again during our Annual General Assembly on May 24th 2023, when the election for PAC executive role will be held. For more information on this please find the link below or reach out to one of your PAC executive member through social media or through email uhillspac@gmail.com

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