2023-2024 PAC Executive team election

Dear Parents

This year is almost over and we need to start preparing for the new one. Following our By-Laws regulation each Executive role will be re-elected during our Annual General Assembly.

Words from our current chairman

Roles and description:

The topic of election and the PAC executive team is something that is close and dear
to me. For the past two years I have had a wonderful time working with the team
and meeting all of you. As my predesessor said to all of us 2 years ago, being a part
of the PAC team is like being in a family. I highly encourage all of you to take part in
the upcoming election. All the positions will be open for election, and I am sad to
announce that our treasurer Linda, secretary Helene, event coordinator Jeff, Grade Rep Miranda and myself will not be running in the upcoming election. I believe some of our team members will stay to serve another year, feel free to have a chat with us after the meeting. The treasury,
Secretary, and Chairperson will definitely be replaced with a new member, and I
look forward to meeting the new members and doing whatever I can to help support
the transition. I am not going anywhere, I will still be around. An advise to any
potential candidate, we are often driven by passion to serve or to make difference.
But this alone is not enough to succeed in this role, you must be willing to commit
time. This is just as important as your greatest ideas.

A. The Chair (s) will

(a) speak on behalf of the Council

(b) consult with Council members

(c) preside at membership, executive, and special meetings

(d) ensure that an agenda is prepared

(e) appoint committees where authorized by the membership or executive

(f) ensure that the Council is represented in school and district activities

(g) ensure that Council activities are aimed at achieving the purposes set out in the constitution

(h) be a signing officer

(i) will submit an annual report at the Annual General Meeting;

(j)may attend DPAC meetings or appoint another Executive member to do so, and report back to PAC on DPAC meeting and seek input from the Uhill Secondary PAC.

B. The Co-Chair(s) will

(a) support the Chair

(b) assume the duties of the Chair in the Chair’s absence or upon request

(c) assist the Chair in the performance of his or her duties

(d) accept extra duties as required

(e) be a signing officer

(f) may submit an annual report at the Annual General Meeting

C. The Secretary will

(a) ensure that members are notified of meetings

(b) record and file minutes of all meetings

(c) keep an accurate copy of the constitution and bylaws, and make copies available to members upon request, and if and when changes are made they shall be done so in red and the copy amended shall be dated and initialled

(d) prepare and maintain other documentation as requested by the membership or Executive

(e) issue and receive correspondence on behalf of the Council

(f) ensure safekeeping of all records of the Council

(g) may be a signing officer

(h) may submit an annual report at the Annual General Meeting

D. The Treasurer will

(a) be a signing officer

(b) ensure all funds of the Council are properly accounted for

(c) disburse funds as authorized by the membership or executive

(d) ensure that proper financial records and books of account are maintained

(e) report on all receipts and disbursements at general and executive meetings

(f) make financial records and books of account available to members upon request

(g) have the financial records and books of account ready for inspection or audit annually

(h) with the assistance of the executive, draft an annual budget

(i) ensure that another signing officer has access to the financial records and books of account in the treasurer’s absence

(j) submit an annual financial statement at the Annual General Meeting.

E. Events coordinator will:

(a) be the main person in coordinating the calendar of events for the year.

(b) ensure that the events are in line with the spirit and rules defined by school and the PAC executive team.

(c) be the leading force to promote events

F. Fundraising coordinator will:

(a) be the main person in charge of creating opportunities to fundraise for the school and PAC

(b) be the main contact to external sponsors for fundraising

G. Grade Representative (one for each grade) will:

(a) be the main contact for parents of their grade and answer their questions on behalf of PAC

(b) relay the information from school to parents

(c) be the leading force for communications among parents.

If you are interested by any of those roles, there are many ways to apply:

By filling out this link: https://forms.office.com/r/JdFj0c8RHy

By email to :Uhillspac@gmail.com

Or reach out to one of the current PAC executive before Monday May 22nd.

The election will be held during the Annual General Assembly on Wednesday May 24th which will be held online.

Candidate will prepare a brief 2-3 min introduction of themselves before the election for each role is processed.

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