PAC January 2023 General Assembly Meeting Minutes

Thank you to all the parents that joined the 1st General Assembly of 2023

Please find below the presentation shared by Lia and Kyle regarding UBC Vision 2050


During this meeting, we are delighted to see that the number of parents who showed up was sufficient to hold a vote regarding the By-Laws which passed successfully. We would like to thanks again all the parents that gave comments to help improve it.

Please find below the 2 presentations shared during the General Assembly



Michelle announced a few changes of staff during the meeting, please see the summary here:

  • Ms. Veronica McGhee will be starting a new position at Vancouver Technical Secondary for Semester 2.  We are grateful for Veronica’s leadership as English Department Head at UHill Secondary and we wish her all the best at Van Tech!
  • We are delighted to welcome Mr. Sam Cutting to the English Department for Semester 2. 
  • We are also grateful to Ms. Linda Kwan, who will be stepping up as our Acting English Department Head.   

And please find below the presentation made by our fellow parent Afonso Issa who introduced his project regarding Mental Health


My name is Afonso, I am Leticia’s father, a Grade 10th student at UHill. I am also a leader of an organization focused on building community called Around the Well. I would like to share with you a project that I am just starting to write, and I would like to invite anyone who can and is interested in building and leading it for the next year.

We are planning to run a course supported by the University of Edinburgh called the Sanctuary Course. This course discusses Mental Health, a very important theme for us parents, from three perspectives: psychological, sociological and theological views of 8 topics.

So, The course has eight sessions that we are dividing into two modules. The Fall module will talk about mental health, mental illness, stigma and recovery. The second module discusses Companionship, Caregiving, Self-Care, and Reflection.

Our organization is willing to contribute by renting a room for twelve meetings at the community center and providing lunch for twelve biweekly meetings between October 2023 and March 2024.

I’m here today to invite you to develop this project with me or join us when it starts next Fall. Although we are a Christian organization, we would like to invite people from different religions, such as Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and Atheism, to come together, share a meal, watch short videos and think about how we can build communities that help people flourish in the midst of mental suffering.

We are looking forward to see you again and even more of you on February General Assembly on February 23rd 2023.

If you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to contact us via social media group chat or by email:

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