U-Hill PAC By-Laws

Dear Parents,

Following the comments we receive from fellow parents, please find the updated version for your perusal below. The main information that was changed was regarding the minimum request number of members (quorum) needed in order to vote an item during General Assembly.


We will vote on this version on January 26th 2023.


Dear Parents,

According to BC School Act, each Parent Advisory Council (PAC) should have their bylaws in place for governing their meetings and conduct of their affairs. The current PAC executive team has found out such document has been lost for years for U-Hill PAC. To ensure the full compliance, the PAC has put together a draft version based on BCCPAC guidelines. After it has been reviewed and approved by school, now the document is available for all parents’ inputs.

Please take a look and if you have any comments, kindly feedback to uhillspac@gmail.com by 5pm Oct 26th Wednesday.


PAC will consolidate all comments and discuss those inputs on our next General Assembly which is scheduled on Oct 27th 2022. In the meeting, a voting will also be conducted to pass the bylaws if no major objections.

Thanks for your inputs and feedback.

PAC executive team

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