September General Assembly Minutes

Dear Parents,

It was truly heartwarming to see so many of you attending our first General Assembly of the year. It gives us a good indication of how motivated, committed and passionate this community is towards the education, growth and happiness of our children.

Please find below the slides presented during the Assembly, as well as the draft of the meeting minutes.



Finally, we are warmly welcoming our few new PAC executive members:

Peter Lyu as your Fundraiser coordinator

Monica Wang as your Grade 8 Representative

Vivan Su as your Grade 9 Representative

Remember, as U Hill students’ parents you are all part of the U Hill PAC, don’t hesitate to come to us to volunteer, bring ideas, help your children:

Your PAC executives team will do their best to support you.

See you on October 15th for our 1st Walk and Talk of the year, and on October 27th for our 2nd General Assembly Meeting at U-Hill Secondary School.

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