2022-23 PAC Election Candidates

nameWhat role you would like to applyWhich grade your kid/s will be in 2022-2023 school year?Personal Statementcontact email
Jeff SimChairpersonGrade 10;I believe PAC fills an important role to provide a well rounded experience for the community, not only for the parents but the children and the school faculties as well. As a Chairperson, I wish to continue providing leadership for the PAC Executive team to serve and educate parents to enhance balance in their daily lives. Looking forward to another exciting year!jkcsim@gmail.com
Stella YanVice ChairpersonGrade 10;I am currently PAC exe (G9 rep), mainly in charge of organizing Parent workshops. I believe my past experience of PAC, the commitment I have shown and the ability to contribute will allow me to perform well in the role of vice chairperson.stellayan70@hotmail.com
Miranda LiuGrade Rep – Grade 10Grade 10;While being part of the volunteering cultures in Canada, joining in the PAC for me personally, bridges me and my kid’s school. Actively involving in school events assists me in knowing better about school happenings, class teachers& school staff, as well as many other student parents. Also, devoting my time and energy to PAC service contributes to where I and my kid live at large.

I would take this opportunity to learn from the other PAC members and school staff, whatever spirits, abilities or commitment etc. they present in making Uhill a better school for our children to study in. I assume I would elevate my awareness of social service starting from serving as a PAC rep. Thanks!
Austin XieGrade Rep – Grade 11Grade 11;I would like to know more about Canada Education System. It’s a good opportunity for me to promote the quality of accompanying with my boy study here. I also hope to help the international parents in our community.austinxie@hotmail.com
Pearl ZhangEvent CoordinatorGrade 11;I love the atmosphere of the PAC and the dedication of all the members to build a warm, closely-knit community at Uhill Secondary. PAC provides consistent support to teachers and parents in conducting diverse activities and reflects the concerns and feedback of parents, which is critical to ensuring that our children can study happily and safely at Uhill.

I am currently pursuing a Master of Education degree at the University of British Columbia, and am also a licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant. My years of educational cultivation, clear presentation skills, and good communication skills enable me to comfortably host various workshops or presentations to parents. I hope my bilingual skills can serve as an asset to bridge the gap between the school and Chinese parents, I am confident to do any translation or interpretation if needed, and I can provide professional advice to parents regarding their inquiries on student visas, visitor visas and so on.

I am a creative, patient, and dedicated person, with a strong sense of team spirit as well as self-motivated and objective execution. I am interested in roles such as vice-chairman, event co-ordinator, secretary and Grade 11 representative. I will make every effort to make Uhill a warm and united community; many thanks for your support.
Ivan PakChairpersonGrade 11;Grade 10;PACs are forums within each school community to discuss matters affecting our school and the education of our children. As someone who have extensively involved in the work of PAC, I understand that parents’ voices are a tremendous value to the school. Our PAC strive to represent the diversity within our communities and contribute to the benefit of all students
I have been actively engaged with a lot of community works. I ran for school trustee in 2018 and Member of Parliment in 2019. I was the president of Blair Elementary School PAC from 2018-2019. I believe that my experiences to serve the community and my organizational skills and knowledge can definitely benefit to UHill PAC and all our children at school.

2021 was a challenging year because of the covid-19 pandemic, the 2021 PAC executive team has been working very hard to engage parents, and providing opportunities to educate and inform parents about the school. Our PAC openly discuss parents’ concerns through various online meetings, and it was a great success that we provide the support the school needs with fundraising and other events.

As a co-chair of UHill PAC last year, I am very glad to be working with a group of energized executives, and I hope I will be elected again this year to serve UHill parents again!
Helene TruongSecretaryGrade 10;Since we move to Vancouver, I was very impressed by the commitment and energy parents dedicated to U Hill Secondary School. I want to offer my organisational and communication skills to help the parents and U Hill to provide a thriving environment for our children.Helene.truong.ht@gmail.com
Roya bardshiryGrade Rep – Grade 12Grade 12;Since last year, I have been the fundraising coordinator in the school PAC. It has been my pleasure to not only be helpful to the school community, but to have the opportunity to be more involved with my daughter’s activities. Therefore, I would like to be the candidate for the Grade Rep role for Grade 12 students.royabard@gmail.com
Peter LuVice ChairpersonGrade 12;I have worked as a technical director at the world largest feed company (New Hope Liuhe) for more than 20 years and I am semi-retired now, would love to contribute my time to assist PAC to do something.
Jeff XunEvent CoordinatorGrade 11;My motivation of joining PAC is to ensure the students at UHill can grow into a healthy and meaningful future.
I was one of the Event Coordinators last school year. I initiated or assisted on multiple events. For example, I successfully brought in Sungiven Food as a new fundraising partner which raised additional $1052 for the PAC. I lead or assisted with other important events such as the Walk and Talk with Parents last month and Teachers’ Appreciation Breakfast and Gift Donation during last Christmas. I was involved in most of the PAC executive discussions and decision-making in the past year. If I am re-elected, I will help to raise more fund and bring more positive impact to UHill parents and students in the coming year.

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