2022/23 Uhill PAC Executive Positions

All parents are encouraged to apply for PAC executive positions for the 2022/23 academic year. Please see the positions and description below:


  1. speak on behalf of the Council 
  2. consult with Council members 
  3. preside at membership and executive meetings 
  4. ensure that an agenda is prepared 
  5. appoint committees where authorized by the membership or executive 
  6. ensure that the Council is represented in school and district activities 
  7. be a signing officer 
  8. submit an annual report 


  1. assume the duties of the president in the president’s absence or upon request 
  2. accept extra duties as required 
  3. be a signing officer 


  1. ensure that members are notified of meetings 
  2. record and file minutes of all meetings 
  3. keep an accurate copy of the constitution and bylaws, and make copies available to members upon request 
  4. prepare and maintain other documentation as requested by the membership or executive 
  5. may be a signing officer 


  1. be a signing officer 
  2. ensure all funds of the Council are properly accounted for 
  3. disburse funds as authorized by the membership or executive 
  4. ensure that proper financial records and books of account are maintained 
  5. report on all receipts and disbursements at general and executive meetings 
  6. make financial records and books of account available to members upon request 
  7. have the financial records and books of account ready for inspection or audit annually 
  8. be responsible for applying for the annual Casino\Gaming Grant. 
  9. ensure that another signing officer has access to the financial records and books of account in the treasurer’s absence 
  10. submit an annual financial statement at the annual general meeting 


  1. strategize and plan for events during the year
  2. budget, schedule, and propose plans to PAC executive and PAC general meetings
  3. communicate with PAC exec team members and PAC for feedback and requests regarding events 

GRADE REP (Please indicate which grade you are applying for)

  1. Communicate information from the PAC to your class.
  2. Coordinate parent volunteers required for field trips, pizza days, PAC special events and helpers in the classroom as requested by your teachers.
  3. Liaise with your teacher on a regular basis to ensure things are “covered” and that needs are addressed with plenty of notice.
  4. Help to build a classroom community and build the school’s community by encouraging classroom specific events and participating in school events.
  5. Facilitate the purchase of teacher gifts, should your class wish to do a group gift at Christmas and the end of the school year.

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